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Interactive stories

Serialify is the platform with the best interactive stories. In this app of original stories you will have the opportunity to know everything about your favourite characters through various formats that will make you live a unique immersive experience.


Spy on what they do


Read their chats

Teenager thoughts

Get inside their minds

Explore the Prison

Explore the prison


Read inmates’ letters


Listen to conversations


A unique experience

Chat conversations, diaries, lists of songs and many other applications that the main characters use are the formats that you will find in Serialify. Experience the interactive stories as you've never done before!

Be You Serie poster

Be You

+16 Comedy Romance Teenagers

Discover the story of Alicia, a 15 year old teenager who will turn her life upside down after downloading a mysterious app. After downloading Be You in her phone, Alicia thinks she'll be able to spy on her classmates to gain their friendship, but she will soon discover that she can go beyond that.

Prison Letters Serie Poster

Prison Letters

+16 Thriller Mystery

Get to know the ins and outs of Florida state prison, the most dangerous penitentiary in the first world, along with those who risk their lives in it day after day.

Order #17923 Series poster

Order #17923

+16 Drama Thriller

A bomb package should have exploded at 10:30 am; however, the order has not arrived at its destination. This is the information given to the FBI when they tapped a suspicious conversation. There is a package in New York on route that may explode at any moment. Who is behind all this? Will they make it to find the order in time?

Emergency Call Series poster

Emergency Call

+16 Drama Mistery

This is the story of Morgan, a 15-year-old boy who lives with his father (a warden at Wheeler Peak) in a mountain refuge isolated from the outside world since he was born. Morgan is usually alone and has no contact with the outside world; until he makes an emergency call and strange things begin to happen.

New stories coming soon

We are working on new interactive series that belong to different genres, such as fantasy, science fiction, romance, comedy, suspense and terror. You can't miss out on them!

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